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What we Offer

  • A high competence team

    Our developers are recruited using very selective technical and logical tests. We only recruit the best ones, able to propose solutions and to solve problems.

  • Our knowledge of Indian culture

    It's important to understand a teams culture in order to understand how people work. With our knowledge of Indian culture, we are able to manage them and then get the best results for each project.

  • Looking for a developer for a few months ?

    Select the best one to suit your requirement and work direclty with him. He is part of your team, as long as you need him.

Some stats

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Why LastShore ?

LastShore helps you to take advantages of working with an offshore team and to free you from constraints.

creative thinking

We make every effort to attract and recruit the best profiles: intelligent and passionate developers.

creative thinking

LastShore was born from an internal success: we know how to work with Indians developers and make you benefit from our experience.

creative thinking

A non-Indian team is at your disposal to help you and advise you in the follow-up of your projects and in understanding of Indian culture.

Our Clients

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